A deep dive into our high-quality carbon to nft bridge, what carbon is, and why this matters to you.
The world’s first perpetual carbon-capture NFT
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But what if that beauty could tangibly realize a more beautiful, healthier planet?

That is the power of the Ecosapiens.

Ecosapiens lie at the intersection of art, activism, economics and humanity, a unicorn in the NFT world, leveraging Web3 to create utility for you by making change happen in real life.
Artwork that expresses your environmental values.
Ownership of carbon is 100% transferred to you.
Evolve your Ecosapiens by purchasing more carbon.
Differentiated climate-oriented art for your NFT portfolio.
20 tonnes of carbon removed at mint.
Art created by renowned environmental artist Garret Kane with VFX house Aixsponza.
Buy a new Ecosapien NFT or hold and purchase additional carbon post ownership.
Offset ~2x the amount of your annual carbon emissions.
Ecosapiens capture a dramatic amount of carbon while increasing the NFT’s fundamental value. Carbon reduction is intentionally designed as one of the rarity features of the NFT.
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Carbon Footprint Calculator
Each Ecosapien NFT, at mint, is backed by 20 metric tons of tokenized CO2, equivalent to offsetting the average American’s annual carbon output. In this unique way, ownership of an Ecosapien is more than just a symbol and a call for climate progress — it’s an actual vehicle for carbon reduction.

Additionally with each net-new purchase of an Ecosapien, the NFT continues to stack carbon onto the NFT (like lego blocks). As a result, the impact of an Ecosapien lasts beyond the initial mint — it sequesters carbon in perpetuity and increases the fundamental value of the NFT itself.
Your NFT levels up visually with more carbon added.
Sharing goes beyond caring with an Ecosapien; virality is, in essence, the catalyst behind exponential carbon capture, and in this case serves a greater good. At the same time, all net-new carbon accrues within the metadata of the NFT and we’ve turned it into a feature of rarity.

The Ecosapien character will evolve based on its carbon ranking within the collection: the more carbon your NFT has sequestered, the more unique features are added to distinguish its status—much like earning a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

At the same time, as carbon accumulates in the NFT, it increases the unit’s fundamental value due to the stacking of carbon credits. In contrast to many other NFTs, an Ecosapien has a stronghold in value from its carbon.
We only source carbon from the high rated capture sources on Earth.
Nature-based carbon removal offsets of high distinction by Sylvera ratings.
We are focusing on nature-based carbon removal credits such as reforestation, kelp, and carbon soils.
As a result, these offsets command a premium price, and the NFT owner receives proof of ownership and impact.
You own the carbon, and we are exploring ways for you to gain additional utility from it in the future.
Unlike other configurations, ownership of the carbon, and future value from it, is transferred to you. This is not a charity.

You will be able to see the market value of your carbon through our web app.

We are exploring ways for owners to be able to gain additional rewards, airdrops, real world value from the carbon that accumulates in their NFT.
Retire the carbon
Resell the Carbon.
Evolve your Ecosapien.
Ecosapiens creative universe invented by artist and co-founder Garret Kane.
Former award-winning advertising Creative Director turned international award-winning artist.

His Ecosapien vision is 10 years in the making. Featured exhibitions in some of NYC’s most iconic spaces.

Sculptures commissioned by the highest rated restaurants across the United States.
We will be revealing the Ecosapiens art collection soon. Start your evolution by entering the Ecoverse now and earn a spot on the Greenlist.
Beings of a Web3 Ecoverse designed to save our physical ecosystem.